Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest.
  • How was your experience as Mrs. Canada 2014?

    My experience as Mrs. Canada 2014 was a whirlwind adventure. I spent most of my time in the USA. Pageantry is well respected and promoted in our neighbouring country. I sat on the Florida Children’s Hospital Advisory Board for Kids Beating Cancer, experienced Nascar, toured the Kennedy Space Centre and met a plethora of wonderful people.  My time in Canada was spent promoting my platform (chosen charity) Habitat for Humanity. I traveled to Nepal and China. I learned that I was not nearly as in tune with fashion as I thought and that I really wasn’t a huge makeup and hair primping kind of girl. Above all,  my year as Mrs. Canada was one of self-discovery. If the public wasn’t challenging me then I was challenging myself. More often than not, I operated outside of my comfort zone. I was asked to speak on behalf of organizations I knew little about, given on-camera interviews at a moment’s notice and had to improvise speeches in front of large audiences. I am proud to say that I learned to roll with the punches and fully enjoyed all of these opportunities and adventures. I am grateful for my whirlwind adventure!  

    Was there a swimsuit component?

    The swimsuit was replaced with “work-out wear” for this portion of the competition. All contestants wore the same outfit provided by the pageant.  The workout wear component was worth 25% of the final score.
  • How did your family feel about your title?

    My family was extremely supportive of me in my role of Mrs. Canada 2014. I spent much of my time away from home and my husband Lance and our sons Bret and Scot picked up the slack. I liken my family to a Rockin’ Roll Band in which I was the lead singer. As frontman-or in my case “frontwoman”, I received all of the attention and accolades. Truthfully, without the support and commitment of my bandmates I would be nothing more than a “one-hit-wonder”!
  • Tell me about the International Pageant.

    The 2014 Mrs. International Pageant took place in Jacksonville Florida, USA. It spanned over 4 full days (and nights) and included public appearances, dance choreography and rehearsals, judged final private interview sessions, Preliminaries and Pageant Finale (which happened to be on my birthday). There were 80 extremely talented, inspirational and beautiful women from around the world competing for the top honour. I was extremely proud to represent Canada and placed in the top 15. I accomplished absolutely everything I set out to do and benefitted greatly from this experience.
  • What was your platform?

    Habitat for Humanity
  • What other charities/not for profits do you support?

    1835, David Foster Foundation

Still have more questions?

I am happy to answer any questions related to my experience as Mrs. Canada 2014 or the charities I support. Please drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.